meltag Features

Campaign manager

meltag’s Campaign manager helps you to asses the ‘Right channel’ by analysing your customer’s environment, behavior and responsiveness, to effectively communicate with your customers using the right medium be it SMS, WhatsApp, IVR, Email, FB or microsites.

Multi-Channel Marketing
SMS, WhatsApp, IVR, Email and FB

Microsite & Apps
Web & Mobile

Loyalty Manager

One of the fastest growing names in chocolate sector has achieved 5% increase in sales and 80%
reduction in sales promotion costs using the meltag® solution.

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meltag’s Loyalty Manager enables you to build loyalty programs for the unorganized retail, you can get connected directly with your customers and build loyalty programs without any dependency on retailers and independent of PoS systems. Increase enrollment through an easy and fast sign-up process using the customer’s mobile number.

Program Management

Using just the mobile number of your customer you can build a whole set of engagement experiences and set business rules for a multi-layered Omni-channel program ensuring continuing shopping experiences to your customers.

Mobile Marketer

meltag’s mobile marketer is specifically built to run campaigns on SMS, WhatsApp, IVR and other popular mediums in
the unorganized segment. Stay in touch with your customers and ensure continues engagement.

Now publish your own custom branded mobile App to customers and see a steep increase in customer
engagement. With features like 30-sec mobile sign up using simple SMS, IVR, SMS on tier upgrades, coupons, alerts
and more – you can be sure that your brand will be on top of your customer's minds.

Promotion Lifecycle Manager

Make your money count. Track your promotion performance and ROI in real-time, at any stage of your promotion,
for any specific offer, across all promotions or for any defined timeline. Track customer response in real-time, modify
and re-launch promotions and achieve higher response rates, sales and ROI.

Spend more time on strategizing future marketing moves and less on campaign execution, with our automated offer generation
and communications engine. Run multiple promotions at any given point of time, across multiple product lines, target consumer
segments, geographies to trigger personalized offers and achieve higher conversion rates, sales and ROI.

Customer Support Manager

Track and manage customer satisfaction levels with meltag CSM. meltag CSM helps you to profile customers, efficiently register
warranties, run surveys, track results, analyze and take necessary actions to address your customer needs.

Brand Protection Manager

Empower Your Customers With Instant Product Verification
The Meltag’s Global Product Authentication Service allows customers to use their mobile phones to scan a product’s QR code or send the code via a text message. Immediate results help verify whether the product is real or counterfeit. This helps customers from potential physical harm and businesses from facing lawsuits, loss of revenue and brand erosion.

Trade Promotion Manager

Gain visibility into channel/secondary sales, get accurate and timely information on distributor
and dealer sales to support trade promotion decision-making

Dealer & Distributor Management

Field Force Apps (Binding  & Mapping)

meltag’s TPM enables integration with distribution, dealer and retail partners for executing promotions and loyalty
programs. meltag TPM enables the following capabilities for brands.

Distributor, Dealer & Retailer,
Profiling & database


Trade Promotion
planning &budgeting


execution & monitoring

Loyalty Mgt &
Rewards Settlement

event analysis

IoT Manager

Industrial Automation, Scanner, Applicators & Printers, Tags, RFID,
Barcode Tags, Bluetooth Beacons & NFC


Invoices, Wallet Management, Access Control, Company Info Setup,
Product Info Setup, Trade Channel Setup (Distributors, Dealers and Retailers)
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